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SDG Impact Standards Training Course - Accelerator Edition

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The core of this immersive certificate program has been designed by SDG Impact, a key initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Social Value International.

Syntegra-360 has augmented the programme with an edition that helps you accelerate your implementation success.

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  • About the SDG Impact Standards  for Enterprises

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    Driving Sustainable Impact Begins with You

    Current trends reveal stakeholders demanding urgent sustainability action, yet achieving scalable and speedy impact remains a widespread challenge. 2023 marked the halfway point to our UN SDG commitments. The latest reports show we are significantly off-track, emphasizing the need for immediate, impactful action.

    Businesses must now actively integrate impact management into their strategies to overcome these challenges and secure a sustainable future. For enterprises, this means taking steps to integrate impact management practices at the core of business governance strategy and operations becomes urgent and important.


    of companies mention the SDGs in their reporting


    of companies included the SDGs int their published business strategy


    of companies mentioned specific SDG targets


    are reporting quantitative measures to show their progress

    Source: PwC SDG Challenge 2019

    This information underscores the urgent need for rapid implementation of SDG Impact Standards.

    Learning Outcomes

    Here is what you gain from taking the course. 


    Strategy and Alignment:

    Employ the SDG Impact Standard for Enterprises as a strategic framework through which you develop the governance and management system that ensure impact maximization.

    You will also be able to align your commitments with global agreements such as the UN Global Compact and the Principles for Responsible Banking, fostering sustainability-focused business evolution - or others that apply to your specific type of organization.


    Management and Execution: 

    Develop competency in determining what dimensions are relevant, how to prioritize, how to measure and manage impact, utilizing data with the appropriate tools for strategic decisions, and aligning with international standards.


    Transparency and Reporting: 

    Enhance communication on sustainable practices, impact management, and SDG contributions, ensuring material information is transparently disclosed, stakeholders engaged and reporting is in line with global standards (CSRD/ESRS, ISSB/IFRS, GRI etc.).


    Governance and Leadership: 

    Promote a leadership culture that drives change and embeds sustainability into and integrated corporate governance framework consistent with global good practice - including ISO 37000 Governance of organizations.


    Action Plan and Implementation:

    Construct and begin executing an action plan tailored to applying SDG Impact Standards in your organization facilitate real-time implementation adjustments.

    This course is ideal for professionals and leaders who are:

    Directors, executives and ESG leaders

    aiming to align their strategies with global sustainability goals and enhance organizational impact in accordance with frameworks like the UN Global Compact.

    Sustainability and management professionals

    focused on embedding measurable, impactful practices into daily operations to optimize decision-making and performance against international standards.

    Communications and CSR officers

    seeking to transform their engagement, ensuring decisions are made to maximize impact and their reporting aligns with global standards while fostering meaningful stakeholder relationships.

    Strategic and project managers

    along with sustainability leaders, developing actionable plans to integrate SDG Impact Standards, driving measurable changes and enhancing sustainable impacts organization-wide

    Course Modules

    • Module 1:  Foundations and Preparations for SDG Impact Journey
    • Module 2: Key Concepts and Core Principles
    • Module 3: Practical Application of Strategy Theme Actions
    • Module 4: From Strategy to Impact Realization
    • Module 5: Integrating Management, Transparency, and Governance
    • Module 6: Strategic Preparation and Insight into Assurance & Impact Seal
    • Bonus #2Accelerator Part 1: Tools and Strategies for Accelerated Impact
    • Bonus #2Accelerator Part 2: Amplifying Impact and Overcoming Obstacles 

    In Modules 3-5 you will learn how the Impact Standard practices relate to the 12 Enterprise Actions, receive guidance on relevant resources for each action, and practice in small groups using a case study.  

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    Course Walkthrough


    Access to UNDP SDG Impact, Social Value International, Syntegra-360, governance, strategy, measurement, management, disclosure tools and frameworks


    Networking with global peers in a private network that offers you exclusive experiences that help you solve problems and forge valuable connections.


    Manageable time investment (four to six hours/week).


    Featured case study and cross-industry examples to develop your skills


    Assignments for you to apply learnings to your own role or industry.

    Capstone Project

    Bonus #1: Create an action plan that will positively impact sustainability in your organization. Using your weekly workbook exercises as inspiration, you will identify your priorities based on where you can make an immediate difference for your organization. Receive feedback from peers and faculty.


    Live sessions with faculty both during modules.


    Certificate of participation from SDG Impact, Social Value International and Syntegra-360.

    Accelerator Advantage (Bonus #2)

    Integration & Impact

    Accelerate sustainability integration and impact management, equipping participants with the skills for effective business strategy alignment and meaningful contributions to the SDGs

    Align with the world's benchmark of good governance

    This tailored approach includes a dedicated focus on integrated governance, aligning with the ISO 37000 Governance of organizations framework, enhancing participants' understanding of globally recognized governance practices.

    Unique behind the scenes insights into Impact Indicators

    Additionally, participants will access an exclusive session on ISO 37005, led by the convenor of the ISO working group, to develop effective governance indicators, ensuring they are at the forefront of outcome and impact standards.

    One Year Online Community Access

    You'll have access for entire year to the online course resources and most importantly the NormShifter Circle Community.


    You missed out!

    Why is this necessary and different from ESG?

    “SDG Impact Standards are management practice standards. Leading change through transparency and reporting alone may be too slow in terms of the quantum and speed of change needed to put the world on a more sustainable path and achieve the SDGs.

    Also, using reporting as the driver for behavioural change can lead to form over substance and unintended consequences as the primary motivators tend to be marketing communications or compliance, but not on decision-making with the purpose to deliver impact.”

    Fabienne Michaux
    Director, SDG Impact
    United Nations Development Programme

    About The Course Trainer, Axel Kravatzky

    Dr. Axel Kravatzky is the Managing Partner of Syntegra-360 and an accredited SDG Impact Standard Trainer. 

    Axel has over two decades of experience in organizational development that enhances sustainability across the Caribbean, Europe, and beyond. His deep commitment to sustainable development is reflected throughout his career, starting with his early work as an environmental economics consultant, lecturer in Environmental Economics at the University of the West Indies and co-founder of the Sustainable Economic Development Unit at the UWI almost thirty years ago. 

    Since then he has focused on working with boards and executives to develop their companies through good governance, effective strategies, leadership and management training, as well as change management. He is the founding Chair of the Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute (CCGI) and currently the President of EUROCHAMTT.  

    Internationally, Axel's leadership in the field is expressed through his roles of Vice-Chair of ISO/TC309 Governance of Organizations, and the convenorship of ISO/TC309/WG1 "Guidance for the governance of organizations" which developed the international benchmark standard: ISO 37000 Governance of organizations - Guidance and now ISO/FDIS 37005 on the development of indicators for use by governing bodies. He is also an expert and TC309 liasion to ISO/PC 343 Sustainable Goals Management. 

    Axel enables organizations to flourish by helping them to increase their sustainable value generation through integrated governance, certified management systems, and transformational leadership.

    About The Course Trainer, Melek De-Wint

    Melek De-Wint is a Québec-based impact measurement and management (IMM) consultant specializing in working with social purpose organizations worldwide, drawing on over two decades of leadership in youth development organizations.

    From crafting impact frameworks at The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation to driving impact initiatives at Digital Moment, she has honed strategic insight and hands-on expertise.

    Currently, Melek provides impact measurement coaching through the McConnell Foundation’s Innoweave initiative and serves on impactful boards like Canada’s Common Approach to Impact Measurement and Türkiye’s Etkiyap impact investing platform.

    Trained by Social Value UK in SROI and Oxford Saïd Business School in impact investing and IMM; and certified in strategic foresight and accredited in SDG Impact Standards, she is passionate about embedding sustainability and managing for impact in organizations.

    Here’s what people are saying about the course teachers

    Patrice Smith-Lindo

    Project Manager, Jamaica Stock Exchange

    Fantastic facilitation

    Your sessions on Impact Measurement and Management were fantastic.

    Alongside other participants, I found myself thoroughly engaged.

    Your facilitation skillfully sparked and guided discussions.

    Desmond Dujon Henry

    Deputy Director, National Insurance Corporation, St Lucia

    Consummate Professional

    Axel is the consummate professional!!

    His knowledge is vast and his execution is flawless. I would highly recommend his services.

    Former Chief Strategy Officer, Massy Holdings Ltd

    Clarity, rigour, and innovation

    As the Head of Strategy for the Massy Group my daily work is at the interface of the Boards and Executive Teams both at the Corporate and the Strategic Business Unit levels.

    Axel has brought refreshing clarity, rigour, and innovation. He has huge expertise in both content and process. Instead of dreadful and tedious routine, I could see and feel the energizing and innovative impact of good practice because Axel tailored it to fit our context.

    Axel truly walks the talk of authenticity and purposeful value generation. He makes the complex and rigorous feel effortlessly clear and creates amazing results.

    I have worked with many consultants and subject matter experts. Axel fits in with the best internationally and is truly a global leader when it comes to strategy and governance.  I enthusiastically endorse Axel and his team – you are in safe and proven hands.


    Upon completion of this program, you will receive a digital, verifiable, shareable certificate of participation from SDG Impact, Social Value International and Syntegra-360.

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    At Syntegra-360, we stand by the quality of our courses and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your course for any reason, you can request a full refund within seven days of payment or within 14 days after the course start date, whichever is later.

    You can also defer your course. You are allowed to defer your participation to a future cohort of the same course if requested by the midpoint of the program, along with a valid reason. Full details in the FAQ section below.

    Don’t wait! Look at what people who have worked with Axel Kravatzky have to say

    Peadar Duffy

    Founder Director SoluxR

    Refreshingly challenging - significant benefit

    I worked with Syntegra on a board level organisational excellence project and found the experience to refreshingly challenging. The intellectual rigour which is always evident in Axel is matched by a supreme work ethic. Together they set a uniquely high bar indeed. I benefited significantly from the engagement as did the client organisation.

    Dr Victoria Hurth

    University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Visiting Fellow

    Engaging Axel on the topic of governance can't possibly be a mistake

    I have worked closely with Axel over the past 4 years whilst we undertook the challenging task of co-convening the first International Standard on Guidance for Governance of Organisations (ISO37000).

    I cannot recommend Axel highly enough due to a rare combination of experience and commitment to the topic of how to achieve the best governing system for an organisation - along with a highly advanced set of analytical skills around the topic. These skills are sharpened by a genuine and humble approach to solving the knotting questions that come with the territory. As such, he is honest when he doesn't fully understand a topic and is willing to adjust his views when presented with better evidence.

    Axel's serious yet relaxed style of working makes him a pleasure to be engaged with. He is also one of the most generous people I know - if he is able to help then he will do his very best to, even when this involves sacrifice on his end. In summary, engaging Axel on the topic of governance can't possibly be a mistake. It is more than likely he is already highly competent in the area, and if not, he would be honest in letting you know the limits of his skills, break new ground if needed, or point you in the right direction.

    Geoff Clarke

    Regional Standards Manager, Microsoft

    Organizations that are dealing with complex issues and wanting a clear path forward would certainly benefit from working with Axel

    I am a standards professional working for Microsoft. In this role I work on several international standards committees to provide guidance to organizations to help them develop information and technology strategies within a robust governance framework.

    For the last few years, I have worked with Axel Kravatzky as a co-editor on the standard “ISO 37000 Guidance for the Governance of Organizations”. In his role as editor and co-convenor of the international committee, Axel has brought a world of knowledge, research and real-world experience to the project. This has helped infuse the standard with the latest academic research on organizational governance, but also kept it relevant and useful for any organization across the world.

    I have personally learnt a great deal from working with Axel and talking through the theory, principles, and actual practices of governance. In our many and varied discussions, he has been able to illustrate his perspectives by pointing to examples, research papers, literature, and his own extensive library of practices. This depth of knowledge combined with his ability to clearly articulate the issues and consequences of actions is hugely beneficial.

    Axel is also a natural leader – his extensive international experience, quiet disposition, understated passion and deliberate approach means that the committee gives him time and attention and is happy to follow his lead.

    Organizations that are dealing with complex issues and wanting a clear path forward would certainly benefit from working with Axel.

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